Bernie Sanders is more popular than Trump, but the press ignores him


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Sanders will get his turn. And they will call him a socialist, with all the totalitarian implications.

gh0d forbid they call Trump a fascist though, that would be too far.


The press pays attention to Trump because (shudder), he might actually win.

If Sanders had a hope in hell of winning, the Clintons would have had him killed long, long ago.


Exactly. It’s why no one talks about O’Malley

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even though he is polling as high as Chris Cristie. The Republican field is in flux, the Democratic field isn’t.


Paging Dr @cowicide…

It’d be nice if sites like this one could take the lead focus more on positive, credible candidates like Sanders over bad jokes like Trump, but that hasn’t seemed to happen. I guess it’s all about the page views. L

Even doomed from the start novelty candidates like Lessig have had more coverage here.


To be honest, it’s not just the press.My Facebook friends are majority liberal, yet Trump’s name appears more on my feed than the other candidates combined. I wish people who didn’t like him would please start understanding the phrase “there is no such thing as bad publicity,” because it’s clear to me that Trump understands this only too well.


You do realize that Hillary was also running in 2008 and Obama still managed to survive to election day, right?


That’s why she’s not taking any chances this round; she learned her lesson the first time :wink:


Doesn’t he openly identify this way, even if nominally an independent?


Let’s also not forget that what’s commonly referred to as “the press” is corporate-owned. Its owners are all too pleased to have most of Trump’s messages and bleatings reach most of the voters. OTOH, the thought of Sanders’ messages getting heard and thought about seriously by all that many voters probably scares the hell out of those owners.


I seem to remember the post Obama victory “how did this happen” discussions 7 years ago. Many people were saying he had captured the internet audience like no politician before him. The word was that any serious candidate from that election forward would need to get the internet behind them if they wanted to win.
Here we are 7 years later and now the internet doesn’t matter again. It can’t be used as a real measure of a politicians public support.
Make up your mind old media. Make up your damned mind.


And that corporate press also makes a large amount of their own income through selling ads to political candidates.


BoingBoing is also a corporation, yet here we are.


The Clintons are playing the long game. Just in case Hillary doesn’t make it this time they’re setting the groundwork for Chelsea 2024.


Shamelessly so.


Exceptionally proving the rule.


Nice little canard you got there! But surely you know that I meant “massive corporations.”


Credible candidates? I think Trump has a better chance of being the Republican candidate than Sanders has of being the Democrat candidate.

Trump may be a dangerous clown, but he understands how to use the media (at least internet and television). If you are upset that television news operations give him so much attention, then I think your anger is misplaced. I can guarantee you if a big news outlet printed two side-by-side stories – one documenting Sanders’ day and one documenting Trump’s day – the Trump story would get a lot more views. If that upsets you, get mad at either your fellow Americans for falling for Trump’s theatrics or get mad at Sanders and his team for being so dull.


Based on what?


Sadly Socks had to be put to sleep about five years ago. He was my favorite Clinton, personally, and would have been a good choice for the first feline-American president.