Best data erasure method ever: longbow

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FYI @doctorow, methinks you’ve got Last Week Tonight on the brain…


50# is pretty light for a longbow.


Also useful for elimininating harmful proselytizing pests: No, wait, that’s the other article…


Yes, shooting is fun. Shooting objects is really fun, though often not allowed at ranges.

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Looks impressive, but a couple of big holes isn’t going to stop someone really determined.

It’s worth watching at least a little of this.


Light for a warbow, and less than many hunters shoot today but 50# or a bit more was pretty standard for English longbows in the heyday of Victorian target archery.


Especially not at metal objects at close distances. Ricochets do occasionally happen in archery.

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yes, but did he do it while spouting anecdotes and walking through aiming technique in the guise of a Zen Canadian Santa Claus?


Can confirm.

I’ve got a bucket (literally) of old harddrives from my family computers. Suddenly my hammer, awl, and safety glasses look somehow silly…

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Ughh! At least salvage the magnets first! Those are some premium rare earths with pre-attached mounting hardware!


It’s effective, all around privacy insurance.

I used to just put the platters in an old microwave for a minute.

Heh yup… data recovery specialists can do magical things with the charred/mangled remains of HDDs.

Best? Colorful maybe but scarcely best…


Just stopped in to see if there were any posts of the variety:

Hey this is America! Use your gol darn AR-15, you pussy!

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Does that HDD know that it’s supposed to be a block device? Because that looks like some pretty inadequate blocking.

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So, not “saltwater croc bite”?

I did this once with a .308 and an old HD. Took it in to a place that I knew and asked if they could do data recovery on it. Poor tech was sitting there wondering if I was serious, and what sort of trouble there had been until the owner (who knew me) came out and ruined the joke.

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