Best Illusion of the Year 2020

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Should really be called an Escher staircase.


not that good - the illusion was undermined by the shadows coming off the pieces which were supposed to be unseen.

Wow. I’m going to need a second cup of coffee before watching that again.

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When you click through to the other finalists… the knife and fork thing … we’ve all done that right?

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Page isn’t loading for me ATM, but I assume you mean this?

It’s kinda tame now, but it was pretty mind-blowing back in its day.


I never would have guessed. Mind BLOWN!

With the subtitles, for me the bottom subtitles always looked closer than the middle ones (presumably because they were going faster, making it look like a parallax effect). However, sometimes the top ones sometimes also looked closer than the middle ones (for the same reason), but sometimes further away (I’m guessing because in 3D perspective things near the bottom of the frame are generally closer than those higher up).

The illusion worked perfectly for me despite the fact that I could tell what was really going on. My intellectual brain was saying, “That must be a flat thing with zig-zaggy edges shot from a specific angle” but my eyes were going, “It’s at the top. Now it’s at the bottom.”


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