Best jar opener


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Got one, love it. For jars that aren’t stuck from sticky stuff in the threads, and that this fits for, this works every time. :slight_smile:



Best Jar Opener


Or, you could stick a spoon handle under the rim to pop the vacuum.


I use the tip of a tablespoon. This “spoon” tool has so many other cool uses as well that I always keep a bunch of them around.


Or just use a regular bottle opener and gently lift the edge until you hear it hiss.


The trick is to smack it on the base and use the “water hammer” effect, isn’t it?

(I guess I need to include a link to now that I’ve mentioned it.)


The best jar opener is a strap one with rubber. Like you’d use a oil filter.
A Strap Wrench…it’s a multi tasker if you change your oil filter or any thing that need a gripy thing to twist. like pipes with chrome you don’t want to damage, or need some leverage etc…etc.|G|Base|D25T|25-1_HAND+TOOLS|NA|PLA|71700000034127224|58700003933021546|92700031755124811&gclid=Cj0KCQjwxvbdBRC0ARIsAKmec9aVZkI7N5jkYJjNBgm7NGKl3hH-F2l2zNkOu5a7nrOlqueUjgQuh4IaAi_mEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CMbVuKju_N0CFdV7wQodpaADDg

If the product is just intended to ‘break the vacuum’. Do you not have a ‘church key’.
They’re about 20 cents.


Care to elaborate on this spoon thing you speak of?

licks tip of pretend pencil in order to take notes in invisible notebook


That’s what I used to do before I got one of these. But it would occasionally bend/warp the lid. Because this has a wider, flatter surface to use to deform the lid, it tends to pop back more readily. Plus it’s dirt cheap. :slight_smile:


It’s easy to make fun of the JarKey, because of the various alternatives. However, I’m with orenwolf – it’s fast, always works, and you can use it while the jar is sitting flat on the counter, which is not always the case with a spoon or knife. There is also an extra-deep version for thick jar lids.

The plastic version will wear down after you’ve opened 500+ lids, so we replaced ours with the metal version:


Hmm… could they make an implement that’s a strap wrench on one end and one of these on the other?




Side note: Best can-opener. Opens from side, no sharp edges, lid fits back on can for storage or draining.


Of course, not everyone has full use of their hands… so… no. Not for everyone.





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