Once you use this, you won't ever want another jar tool

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I use a butter knife to achieve the same thing. Just wedge it under the lid and twist to break the seal. While anyone can use the item Mark posted about it’s likely useful for people that might not have the best grip strength or coordination. I’ve seen some that are electric as well, definitely even more of a niche market but would be useful for those with disabilities or old age.

I use a silicone trivet (~ 6" x 6" square), normally used to place hot pots/pans on. I place the naturally ‘grabby’ trivet on tough lids, twist, they off the lid comes like it’s nobody’s business.

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My mother needed wrist surgery, so no manual jar opening for her. The electric style was the perfect option.

Like @hecep I tend to use a trivet as well, but my partner isn’t quite as successful with it - I should probably try one of these keys.

I’m sure the tool is quite handy, if it can double as something else (like yours) i would have a higher chance of getting it. No unitaskers!

In my experience the lids that are hardest to open are ones that have residue dried between the lid and the jar. Prying on them more than likely won’t help, running the lid under hot water and/or tapping the side of the lid with a knife usually does the trick for me.

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I’ve had to do that a couple of times, with my only concern then being wet loosened stuff (possibly bad for one’s digestion) getting back into the jar. Careful removal of the lid handles it, of course.

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I bang the jar on the cutting board. Also a towel to help get a grip. Last ditch is to use a bottle opener. It usually ruins the lid so I’ll transfer the contents to a mason jar. Hey want to try my homemade jelly?

If you just need to break the vacuum, isn’t smacking the bottom of the jar often sufficient?

'Tis the Water Hammer effect, to be precise.

I completely agree with the author. I originally bought one for my mother, who has severe arthritis in her hands. It works so well that I soon bought one for myself and can highly recommend it.

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Some jars can be particularly stubborn, also as i mentioned previously some people might have coordination or grip problems for whatever reason, age, disabilities, etc. So the tool is particularly handy in those cases, in situations where that might not be sufficient they do make electric ones. Useless for most people but likely handy for people with specific needs or problems.

I get by just fine with prying the lid with a knife but can’t expect that’s convenient for everyone

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