This robotic jar opener may help folks who have trouble opening jars

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Simone Giertz would have made a better one. Well, a more fun one, anyway, that probably would have worked by breaking the jar. Or perhaps not at all. But definitely more fun.


Battery waste. For a kitchen appliance, you’d think they could either have a cord, or a cord/rechargeable battery.


I’ve seen similar ones reviewed by other YT channels and they seem pretty handy and they do have quite a bit of leverage to open stubborn jars, not the kind of thing i’d use but as it was mentioned it’s for people who might have grip/strength problems or other issues.

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That’s the Robo Shout.

I never have trouble opening robotic jars.


I’ve got one and it’s worked great for me. I’ve recommended to to friends. Noise and battery life aren’t problems for me or most likely for most since it is only used occasionally.

This reminds me of the movie Sabrina, when Linus helps his father after watching him struggle with jar of olives. :laughing:

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Rechargeable battery, with the dingus sitting in a charging bay/holder.

Other than that: a noisy little bugger, but it gets the job done.


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