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Toilets with mirrored ceilings?

On one hand you could always tell if they were occupied or not but on the other hand…


The car rear window ad is fucking priceless.


+1 for posting long image dump after the fold.

“/blog” readers thank you.


I honestly thought the cake did just say “WEED.” Only when I read the description did I say, “Wait a sec… Emma? Oh, I see it!”


I couldn’t figure out what the Quit School one was supposed to say, even after several readings. I had to stare at it for a long time to finally realize it wasn’t just a subversive message to abandon public education.


Ha, joke’s on you. In Japan you can’t even get close to 70mph, even on the expressways!


I think it’s so they can see if you’re smoking and fine you 1000 rubles.

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Well, it’s certainly fucking something, or trying to anyway.


Likewise, this one made me laugh though the others shown were pretty amusing as well. The last one with the reflective ceiling above the toilets… that’s really something though.

Well now I know just the cake to get for my partner’s next birthday!


So very true! I’ve been there in rural Japan on what we here in the US would call a major state highway (non-Interstate) that had a 45 KPH speed limit. That’s 27 MPH. I can go faster than that on my Schwinn.

Also, notice those signs are for airport parking, not a highway.

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I’d have fleshed out the OTOH clause and put the ellipses on an “On the gripping hand…” clause.

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I was trying to figure out the dick-cake - “weed”? “emo” misspelled? I couldn’t resolve that last letter into an “A”

To put a mirror in a bathroom ceiling seems so strange that I wonder if seeing into the stalls wasn’t actually the point (for whatever reason - to see if people are having sex, smoking, drinking, doing drugs? I dunno).

When that windshield wiper starts going, that must be hilarious.


The translation one reminds me of this:

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If you lived in NZ where the ad is from it’s more apparent what it’s about as it linked with TV ads at the time. Also, our school buses in NZ are just normal buses with a school sign added when a school happens to be hiring them. No special yellow buses for us.

No they aren’t.

Well I’m pretty weak on kanji, but I see pictures of airplanes.

:thinking: Perhaps it’s to let you know that you’d be better off just flying.

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