Best podcast episode ever - Mystery Show Case #3: Belt Buckle

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Truly wonderful podcast, this is the first i’ve heard and will go back and listen to more. I do wish that they had taken pictures of everyone involved along the way, especially Hans Jordi. But having the story resolved is great so i can’t complain too much.

I don’t see a way to download it. What am I missing…?

Totally agreed.

Mark, wonderful find- I can’t remember the last time I found anything audio that was that engrossing.
Now I know how people listening to the detective mysteries on the radio 50 years ago must have felt.

Hans Jordi sounded like an awesome guy. I won’t give any more away. Still think the most ornate belt buckles ever made were the incredibly strange Nazi belt buckle guns, though.

Thank you for making my week a bit more awesome. Wonderful things indeed.

Now excuse me, I need to have a custom belt buckle commissioned with a working lathe on it.

Here’s a direct link to the MP3 file…

And a PDF transcript…

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