Best-selling Kickstarter Robot Turtles now available on Amazon


I didn’t support the game on Kickstarter because my daughter is a little too old for it but a friend did at my recommendation. I’m keen to see if it worked out as well as it looks like it would.

I’d say it worked out BETTER than it looked like. Gave it to my three year old a few days ago as an early Christmas present, and he’s been begging to play it every spare second since. The rules are easy to pick up even for someone as young as him, it’s fun to play, and he loves “unlocking” the different pieces to play with as he masters each one. If anyone’s wondering what a typical game looks like with someone that young, we made a quick playthrough video about an hour after opening the game: Couldn’t say enough good things about this game!

I bought one for my 2 year old nephew. I know he’s too young, but something to look forward to for the next 33% of his life.

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