How Dan Shapiro created the most-backed game in Kickstarter history


I backed the project and have “my own” copy of Robot Turtles. The kids love playing with it. They’re nearly-4 and 2.5, and the rules are too much for them, still. On occasion we follow the instructions and direct a bug around. But mostly my daughter loves to collect the diamonds [nature vs nurture?], my son looks for the laser cards, and they both run around the room shouting “BUG EMERGENCY!”.

If nothing else, they can get a job in QA or Tech Support someday…


I tried my 3 year old Son on it and it just didn’t click. I think he’s starting to grasp abstract ideas now (working on letters and numbers) and it might be time to try it out again.

I missed the Kickstarter (or rather, couldn’t find anybody to jump in with me to make the shipping to Canada make sense), and missed it again when it popped up on Amazon. I’m pleased to see that it’s available at a reasonable price on now, and I’m totally going to pick up a copy for my 5 year old.

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