Betsy DeVos ends ban on crooked loan-collectors in the student debt biz


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Make the Swamp Great Again.



Betsy Davros?


Close enough.


I’ve used that before, but it never gets old.


Just so I understand Betsy’s priorities, if bears set up a debt collection agency, can they attack students in that scenario, just as long as they don’t attack the schools themselves?

I’m asking for a bear friend who was interested in getting into immoral debt collection but still appreciates a good student mauling on occasion.


I’ve always found it appropriate that the freemarket elites meet in Davos, which I can’t help autocorrecting in my mind to Davros.


If the students don’t want to be mauled then they should just pay off their students loans off. If a bear mauls a student while enforcing the current policies then it’s no ones fault but the student’s. If the student complains we will start a smear campaign against the student.


The fuck is wrong with these people?


States’ rights! Less government interference in the lives of Hard Working Americans! #MAGA!


Fuck. Her.


Well done, Judas. Good ole Judas!

As Trumpsters are fond of saying, “At least she’s doing what she said she would.”



Let’s hope the Republican Daleks sworn enemy, the Planned Parenthood Doctor, shows up soon.


I’m shocked that ‘law and order’ doesn’t apply at this level.

Somehow everyone understands the ‘consistent objective’ of taking criminal records into account when you are talking about filthy blue collar criminals.


In the conservative mind, making money is the most important thing. The fact that these companies can now increase profits is “good”, how they do it is not important, as long as drugs or porn aren’t involved (and I think drugs and porn would be OK if the GOP hadn’t also grafted itself to the Religious Right long ago.) Financial fraud, the legalized slavery of for-profit prisons, robbing public coffers through war profiteering or “school choice”, privatizing Social Security-- all perfectly OK.


I concur.


Re-posting relevant link reporting that DeVos has plenty 'o haters and it’s costing U.S. tax payers:

Wonder why?..


Surely this is the ticket to help her gain popularity.


This gif is inappropriate.

[quote=“doctorow, post:1, topic:98768”]

The victim should be female and ghoulish, and instead of her head being stomped, she should be in the process of being disemboweled and strangled with her own entrails.