Better Birding with Dennis Hlynsky


Is there a link to Mr. Hlynsky’s work that I can share with fellow birders?

Crawford Greenewalt-esque?

The Muybridge reference reminded me of an experimental film from 1968 that needs to be mentioned as well. Pas De Deux by Norman McLaren from the National Film Board of Canada. It was the first time that I had ever seen the multiple fading images on film and the beauty and artistry of the film is still astounding today.

Seeing an experimental film twice was extraordinary in those days (at least in rural Illinois) so I doubt that I have seen Pas De Deux more than four times until now. The National Film Board of Canada credit at the end of the film was cemented into my memory as the center of the experimental film universe. How great that these captivating bird videos should get me looking for and finding an old touchstone of film artistry.

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