Beverly Hills mobilizes to capture ghillie suited trespasser

human beings first and foremost.

Same goes for convicted felons.


Prison doesn’t fix people. It may even do the opposite. … it’s rational to have fear of people who have been incarcerated.

So employers too should be justified in tossing applications just for that reason?

And most of those in prison aren’t there for nonviolent offenses?

And many aren’t there for trumped up, racist reasons, and again, would be no danger to anyone upon release?

Your bigotred slurs here disgust me.


Given that being homeless in this country is criminalized, it seems silly to use stats about how many homeless people have been incarcerated as any kind of metric of how fearful we should be of them.
One might just as easily claim, “100% of heroin addicts indicated they had previously eaten pizza. So if you see someone eating pizza, beware! They might be a heroin addict!”


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