Homeless man's camp hidden in decorative tube atop train station


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Probably not that great in the rain but a nice hidden place to pick.


This is the kind of place I imagine myself in at night. How did he get IN there? I see a ladder to get out - does he use it to get in as well?


For the snitch…Christ, what an asshole.


This is the worst remake of “Hugo” ever.


well done


That looks like an awful lot of dirt for something on a roof.

Here’s Google’s street view of the location:

So the ground level does look like it’s being used- at least there’s a door or two.


The police department said “homelessness is not a crime,”

It’s just that many things you do in order to survive while homeless are.


One night, cap it with a silo roof painted blue to match. Anyone who noticed would probably shrug it off.


I’ve noticed any kind of “no-man’s land” in or around a major city is basically a homeless refuge, or else a spot for drug addicts to shoot up (sometimes both, obviously). I’ve taken to spotting hidden locations as a hobby, but this one takes the cake. I would’ve assumed there was something on top that would preclude anyone from camping there-- antennae, vents, smokestack.


Kind of a shame the poor guy got ratted out by a Concerned Citizen. Doing the best he could most likely and sure wasn’t doing any harm. Leave the guy alone for Christ sake or better yet make it a little better for him. He had a nice snug little world until some mouth flapped loose.


There’s the law as written, and then there’s the law as it is enforced. It’s not homelessness that’s treated as a crime, it’s poverty. To stop punishing the poor for existing… That would take what would be called a “revolution of values.”


He might have had better luck with a bright, reflective vest. People would assume he’s cleaning the roof, or something.


If it had wi-fi…


It’s probably just gravel on tar. Also, probably really hot up there in the summer.


“In its majestic equality, the law forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, beg in the streets and steal loaves of bread.” —Anatole France


The police department said “homelessness is not a crime…”

It’s the Big Rock Candy Mountain! I’m home!


I wonder what it would have taken to make the camp “safe” from the perspective of the police department. Especially considering that it looks a lot more safe than most street level camps I’ve seen


A bicycle lock seems to be the only missing piece. The patience to wait for a ladder to get out makes me think this isn’t a drug addict.


Let me fix that quote for you.
" Homelessness is not a crime, but we wish it was"