Oakland artist builds mini-homeless shelters from junk


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Possibly the most important feature not mentioned in the article: a lock. They all appear to have locks. Having a safe place at night and not having to guard your stuff 24/7 is what makes these radically different than a cardboard box or a homeless shelter.


I wonder if the locks were something the homeless people put on after the fact. Another thing I’d be worried about is if someone came by and simply wheeled the shelter away, possibly with me asleep in it.

I thought “Homeless mini-shelters” would be a more appropriate term, then I saw the photos.

I’d assume that you could bike lock it to something relatively immovable. Also, I’d assume that anyone attempting to roll this away with a slumbering occupant inside is likely to be confronted by angry occupant bearing a chain or bat etc…

I’d worry if there’s a way to lock it from the outside (some sort of hasp system) that some a-hole would put a padlock on it while you were inside just because.

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