Door based on rotating squares




Looks pinchy.


It needs some warning sign "You must be THIS minimalist to use this door"


I was prepared to be my usual dismissive negative boy, but that thing is beautiful.


Agreed. Impressive design + fabrication. Looks smooth like butter.


I'm tempted to replicate, but I'm not sure I can pull it off. It would be awesome.


Beautiful. My kids would destroy it within 24 hours of installation.


A cooler version of a pocket door. How does it work from the other side?


Except for the fact the door still has to extend into the living space.

And is it really a door if it doesn't fit into the actual frame?
(Of course I assume a different type of frame/lock design could be made to accomodate this design.)


I'm really wondering where I can get those awesome squeaky floor boards....cause holy shit that'd drive me insane.


Except it's not even really properly minimalist. You could have a sliding door that's ten times sturdier with fewer points of failue in less space - much simpler.


Well ordinarily they're the product of renting a structure that hasn't been maintained for decades, and the floors are literally falling apart underfoot, but you could always recreate the effect intentionally if you absolutely had to.

If you have a lot of time, buy a place and let it to go to seed. If you're on a schedule, buy a place and either tear out the floor to replace it with a purposefully weakened counterpart, or just dump acid in the cracks and throw a dozen bowling balls around for an hour or two. If you're renting, just look for a "middle price range" apartment in New York. /snark


Wow! That's radical, too!


Diagonal of a unit square?

okay. never mind. sorry.


I wouldn't mind having one, but it won't end well with the cat.


Looks like a good way to slice fingers off hands. Might be plausible as a replacement for certain kinds of fire doors, being mechanically simpler than tracks with counterweights. i.e.:

But I'll bet they turn in in some SF movie within the next 18 months!


Look, I just want a door. A simple open and you close it. It doesn't need to enlighten me, make stand back in awe of the design cleverness while I spend an extra 5 seconds to get through the damn door marveling at it's design because after the 5th time it would get tedious.
It's a's job is to open and to close.


If everything was designed on those principles it would be a very dull world


As the door closed behind them it became apparent that it did indeed have a satisfied sigh-like quality to it. “Hummmmmmmyummmmmmm ah!” it said.


Some day in the distant future this thread will be studied to understand why Western Culture collapsed into a heap of self-satisfied boring people.


If not, it would destroy their fingers within a week.