Vancouver's new building code bans doorknobs


Woe to you Vancouver, if our family ever moves there. Our cat Crash looooves to open doors that have levers. He’ll break in and eat your tortilla chips.


Cory’s sensationalistic headline notwithstanding, this is a great idea. Aside from the disabled and people with their hands full, I wish for lever handles in my rental apartment every time I try to go outside just after lotioning my hands.

The only problem I’ve ever had with lever handles was a dog who figured out that she could jump up and pull them down to open the front door. Reinstalling the levers upside-down fixed that easily, though. Besides which, “People can also still buy doorknobs and put them back on lever handle-equipped houses,” according to the article.


I was just going to say that - how are you supposed to keep cats out of things?

Once I travelled across the country with a friend and her dog to keep them company, we quickly developed cabin fever because any motel you stay in has lever handles that ALWAYS open from the inside, for safety. We had to take the dog with us anywhere/everywhere which in a lot of places, meant not leaving the damn room. Dog was stoked though.

Thanks, Obama!


I don’t know if this is a uniquely European thing but it drives me up the freakin’ wall. You walk up to the door, usually it’s for a shop, it’s a big glass door, and there is a nice, long vertical bar for pulling. So, you grab hold of that sucker and yank and the damn thing just bangs and you nearly yank your arm out of its socket. Everyone inside the shop is looking at you like a grade A moron and you see the discrete little sign, just at eye level that says ‘Push’.



Odd, most fire codes require building exit doors to open outward.

Oh, and it happens to everyone. No one other than yourself is judging you.

Fools! Velociraptors will end you all!


For velociraptors we will install deadbolts.


[quote=“nox, post:8, topic:14609, full:true”]Oh, and it happens to everyone. No one other than yourself is judging you.

Speak for yourself.


Nice try, but I learned from Michael Moore that Canadians don’t lock their doors.


And the rest of them don’t matter :slight_smile:

And I predict that in about ten years there will be a booming trade on eBay (or whatever has taken over from them), in brass doorknobs. “Remember that twentieth-century look? Well you can buy those door knobs here at just $150 each. Be the envy of your post-boomer friends! We also have a selection of brass dome-covered light switches for that ‘final’ touch”

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Oh, Canada!

Very European. When I was in the USAF in West Germany during the 1980s, we called the US the “land of round door knobs.” The Germans loved their handles.

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My belt loops are just the right height to get snagged on the pulls. I have torn a lot of belt loops and bent a few door pulls…I am happy to have not been yanked back into the door. so far.


Damn it. I was going to ironically thank Obama…

think of the earbud cords!


You know who else likes doors that take less dexterity to open? Robots.