Door lock requires marble to open door


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The Gridlock: learn to pick car-locks

It gives the marble depositor their marble back? That’s a design flaw. I was going to get one of these and then volunteer to host meetings of my marbles club at my house, but forget it.


This lock is ableist. Won’t work for those of us who lost our marbles!


I am guessing a hammer would also work if you have lost your marbles.


Security through obscurity strikes again!


Well, I’ll just go and print a Marble replica and defeat his lock. HA


So, intended to be adult-proof?


Only if they lost their marbles!


I’d just cut his hand off and use it to open the lock.


Ha this is thoroughly awesome. Would probably be easy enough to make it work only with a specific sized marble too.


8 kilobit marble authentication is good when you can get it. If the return was to be through the entrance hole you could perhaps fashion an appropriate entrance door for Proctology Postdoc School. Then of course print it in red PVA anyway so you can turn around and sell it to the ‘Quantum Chromodynamics For Babies’ channels… Fallback to voice-acting activated door?


Or some kind of dice.


Or a translucent marble vs. an opaque one.


Or one with an exact replica of your iris.

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