Maker attempts making an unpickable lock

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Someone call the Lockpicking lawyer.


AFAIK he literally made it for him to try to pick



If it opens, it can (eventually) be picked.


The lockpicking lawyer has already demonstrated it is possible to make a lock that is unpickable, if you add trap pins.

Trap pin locks can still be picked- but if you fail at the picking- they become locked in an unpickable state that even the original key cannot move. It requires the lock be removed from the door once put like that.

The most evil stuff is really what Bosnian Bill has in his naughty bucket. Lots of nasty unpickable or super difficult locks.




I have to listen to the video a bit later.

From what I have seen, if they can’t pick it they could always destroy it.

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Furthermore, the door can just be removed. It always boils down to: if someone really wants in, they’re getting in.

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Well sure, but you could break into the Oval Office with a claw hammer if you had enough time.

The deal you make with a lock has always been “you’ll make it louder and slower to bash through the most convenient point of entry.”


Let’s all remember Schneier’s law:

Any person can invent a security system so clever that he or she can’t imagine a way of breaking it.


Now Shane is planning to send it to The Lockpicking Lawyer to see if he has any luck.



Great channel. But I watch Stuff Made Here mostly for Wife Made Here. She’s the best straight “man” ever.


I’m waiting for someone to make a lock out of that ceramic sphere impregnated metal matrix- the stuff was impossible to grind it just destroyed grinding wheels in seconds.

There are things now like waterjet lasers than can cut nearly anything, so much is possible now…

Check this shit- this is bleeding edge in industry right now-


This is very true, but this is a pretty evil design. Shane definitely looked at how picking works and made a design that prevents straight forward use of binding in the mechanism.

That said, I wouldn’t want one. The design doesn’t allow for easily changing the bidding and it’s going to be expensive to manufacture. This is a fun design exercise rather than an attempt to disrupt anything.

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I was alluding to when they took this MONSTER lock and shot it with two types of armor piercing ammo before finally getting it to crack open with a .50bmg.

Fascinating, the lock is too hot to touch. You don’t think about it, but a lot of that kinetic energy is transferred as heat!

I have also seen him crack thins open with a Ramset, which is basically a nail gun powered by a blank powder charge.

That laser micro jet looks awesome!

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I swear, I’ve been watching a lot of LPL and had an extremely similar idea to this in the past few weeks.

Same idea to lock pins, but a different locking mechanism that might be a bit simpler. Basically trying to attack the tensioning part of picking instead of the pin manipulation.

Similar principles are used for MP (Manipulation Proof) mechanical safe combination locks - there’s no feedback to tell you if you have the right combination or even a portion of it.
Card readers are the same. They are just dumb data transfer devices with all the critical intelligence safely out of reach.

Despite every Hollywood rendition of these things EVER. :wink:


You mean John Connor couldn’t hack a keypad with …<checks notes>… an Atari Portfolio?

(Yes, I was deep in the Atari ecosystem for a long time, so this is my favorite reference ever.)


Agreed. My wife used to lock the door from our garage to the kitchen. I pointed out there were plenty of tools in the garage, and with even a mediocum of time anyone could get through it easily, and I would rather the burglar just walk in instead of causing a lot of damage.