"Unpickable" padlock picked in 15 seconds

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“This is the Lockpicking Lawyer, and what I have for you today is another VP of marketing looking for a new job.”

LPL and BosnianBill are my ASMR


Hey, cut 'em some slack. It’s unpickable in other ways.



I was put off by how poorly the brass shell’s opening was centered around the cylinder.


It doesn’t inspire unmitigated confidence in the lock’s ability to withstand crude-but-accessible brute force attacks, does it?

Not quite as epic as the plastic cored bargain specials that can be opened(albeit not reversibly) just by shoving more or less anything key shaped into them and rotating until the plastic deforms; but does have a strong air of ‘there’s an embarassingly light tap that will make the core fall out’ to it.


“You can pick a lock, and you can pick a friend, but you can’t pick a parent.” But I digress.

My storage shed’s lock is fairly unpickable because nested by black widows. Go ahead, reach in there. My lower gate lock is unpickable because welded shut. Some folks lack imagination. Hey, remember squirting Crazy Glue into car locks? Me neither.


I wonder what “3 TON” could refer to. Bullshit perhaps?


Two people can keep a secret only if one of them is dead and the other immobilized, unable to speak and in the process of dying. Locks only keep YOU out.

TITANIC: “Hey, quit stealing my material. Pfffft. Unpickable!”

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The bad news is that he’s a terrible defense attorney, but the good news is he’ll get you out of that jail cell anyway.


Unpickable, yes.

They didn’t say anything about it being unrake able.


Nah. That lock frame probably CAN hold 3 tons, at least if the shackle is properly used. At least, similar types have held similar loads in my presence ^^’. Most locks are actually pretty damn strong against exactly this type of stress, by design, no matter what other flaws are present; even the models with lots of plastic in 'em might surprise you.

Rakes are a specific type of pick. Perhaps you’re thinking of a lifter (used for precisely lifting single pins at a time)?

All squares are rectangles, yet not all rectangles are squares, so to speak.

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