Watch - unshielded padlocks are braindead simple to open without a key

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One could argue that his ‘knife’ is a universal key for cheap locks. It’s a thin metal object that opens the lock when inserted in the keyhole, therefore it’s a key.

I remember unlocking and starting our family car (200,000 miles on it) with the small blade of a pocket knife as a teen, so in my mind the pocket knife was a perfectly valid key.


I just got that clear acrylic lock and lock picks a few weeks ago. Still haven’t taken the time to figure out how to make it work…

Bosnian Bill has a playlist of his introductory locking picking guides on his youtube channel (probably on his new website too)

My problem now is getting it to work on purpose rather than randomly.

That’s why all my padlocks are encased in at least 2 inches of lead.


No faraday cage?


I have this one:

It’s disappointingly easy to open. I’ve yet to try any lock that’s as easy, so I’m not sure how much it’s really advanced my skill.

Recommendations on other practice locks?

I have these:

They seem to work well for me - hard enough to learn on but still can be opened. I am still figuring this stuff out so for all I know they are too easy/too hard/made of porridge. (also they are a bit pricey - so getting them in a set like: might make more sense)


Well I go the clear one that BB posted awhile back, with a pack of picks.

I get it in theory, but it in practice it is harder than it looks. I think i need some oil, as moving the picks in and out is rough. I also feel the tension tool isn’t thick enough…

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