Have fun picking this see-through padlock

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This looks like a perfect gateway into locksport. Anyone know what the quality of the tools is like?


Crap. BB costs me money again. I always wanted to learn how to pick locks…


Don’t know about the picks, but I had a cylinder randomly pop out of one. I would imagine bad glue and the fact its plastic. However they’re cool for practice may not be that rugged.

You can get metal practice locks (with different types of pins) from Sparrow - http://www.sparrowslockpicks.com/category_s/85.htm for 15 bucks.


Dunno, but for a quality set you can try the Tool.US site, which sells the “Tremendous Twelve Toolkit,” a modest collection of well made set of tools especially selected by recreational lock picking aficionados for their utility, including a long reach feeler pick and a bunch of different sized turning tools (tension wrenches) since different keyways benefit from different tensioning positions - and this critical variety of turning tools is typically absent from mass market lock pick kits.


That being said, $17 for a pick set and a transparent lock seems like good price for that level of kit.


Crap. For a second I thought I had X-ray vision.


I got one of these for my son and one for a nephew for Christmas. A great bit of fun.

This lock looks like it might be vulnerable to the rapping method.
After I saw this, I’ve been tempted to toss eleven or so old padlocks I’ve been keeping around into the trash.

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Same. I was lucky enough to have someone get me the sparrow set that Cors likes. Except now I think I lost my grandfather’s lockpick set…

I’ve done that, but with my mind!


They’re no less effective now than they were before.

They were only ever going to keep honest people out.


I’d love to play around with something like this, but it’s very unclear if it’s legal for me to purchase / own this stuff in the state of Virginia…

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They’re not totally useless.

The purpose of a padlock (or U-lock, or chain lock, or disc lock etc) isn’t to make something impossible to steal; it’s to encourage the thief to skip to the next target that isn’t locked at all. Useful (to a degree) against opportunistic theft, useless against targeted theft.


I don’t have to be faster than the bear, I just have to be faster than you…

but also a padlock is good for keeping out the “I’m not a thief, but it was just sitting there” klepto.

Cool, but it’s illegal to have lockpicks unless you have a locksmith certification in my state. If you are already doing something “questionable” like possession of weed and a cop pulls you over and you have these in your wallet/purse, you might be facing way more trouble.


I haven’t tried that, but it is very very easy to pick. I believe that to be a good thing (to demonstrate the concept in a lock so easy nobody gets discouraged), but there’s absolutely no challenge there. :slight_smile:

(I’ve opened it by just dragging a pick over the pins twice - and by talking my mom through the basics.)

And how does one become certified in order to obtain lockpicks? Train with a set of lo… nope nope, not going there.

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Lockpicks? All I have here is my orthodonture training tool set!

They do look a lot like the tool set my orthodontist used, albeit a few decades back.

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