Clear plastic padlock for recreational lockpicking practice

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I can’t believe I’ve never stumbled on this kind of thing before. Seems so obvious that someone would have made it, now that I see one.

Now, if only I knew what happened to my old practice tools…


you don’t even need picks for a padlock, just shim it.

There are actually quite a few visible practice locks available. On most of them you can remove pins to make the lock easier for a beginner and rekey the lock or add security pins if you need a challenge.

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They’ve made clear models to practice your picking for a while…


Every padlock is transparent, for the right wavelength.


I recently decided to get into lockpicking (what better nerdish hobby?), and am very dubious of these types of locks. I noticed, that after picking a lock one or twice, I can pretty much do it automatically afterwards. Without replaceable pins, this would probably go into my bin of “conquered locks”, without the benefit of being actually useful when something needs locking.

Now if it could simulate being an old rusty padlock, with worn pins and sand and mud in the tumblers… That’s a different story, since I’ve learned that those are a bit thougher than most pristine locks I get to practice on.

Any idea where to find a cheapish practice lock that can be repinned? I’ve seen them on Massdrop, but I’ve also noticed that Massdrop is generally more expensive than other sources.

I really, really respect lock pickers. I really do. So believe me I am not making any judgements, because similar to playing a Racket, Bassoon, or Serpent, it is a rare difficult skill.


My mantra for security devices is why do it the hard way?

And before the edge cases are brought up (say being chained against your will) there are also better ways of defeating locks (lies, confidence, etc)

However, that said, I’d watch lock picking tourney in a new York second.


I don’t recall where I bought my lock, but they are usually available on Ebay. For example:

There’s also nice selection here, but not with cutaway:

So cool! Mine is on order.

I like especially the plasma torch.
The problem is, neither of those tools fit a keychain. They are annoyingly big for casual carry.

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Looks very interesting, but $1,500.00 for a weekend seminar!?! In Riverside, CA!?! In September!?!

Yes, I know the nights are cooler…

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