Picking locks with a cheap battery-powered pumpkin saw


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Looks at the cheap master lock…That saw is still more expensive than a soda can shim…


« Rather effective » is quite a euphemism !


When our material trailers get broken into, the tool of choice is either:





Different, but related: I bought my daughter one of those transparent padlocks and a lock pick set a few years ago, and it was a big hit. I recommend it for anyone with young children interested in learning how mechanical things work.


Endorsed by the Lockpicking Lawyer himself:


I have got to try this.


Ah, the old “Universal Key(s)”. Locks only stop an honest person.


Cool, but now I want him to modify an expensive electric lock pick into a pumpkin saw. I need closure!


(Video is cued.)


On a related note, the Lock Picking Lawyer uses a type of industrial firearm, a Ramset, to break high security locks as an alternative to picking them.


Kind of satisfying, if dangerous.


He’s also been having fun lately with some hydraulic cutters.


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