Transparent padlock and lockpicking tools

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So, I have one of these (you can get them even cheaper from if you’re willing to wait for china shipping), but I haven’t figured out how to transfer these skills onto real locks. I have a handful of locks from Master and other manufacturers, and while I am quite proficient at the transparent lock, there are some kind of countermeasures in commercial locks that I have yet to figure out. Any tips?

The lock picks with these sets are great but useless without a tension tool. You need to put tension on the barrel while pressing the tumblers into position. There are videos on youtube which show this process. I bought this set of tweezers and used the 45 degree angle tweezer as a tension tool.

Ah, reminds me of when I was a kid, and I mentioned to a relative, off-hand, that lockpicking would be an interesting skill to learn. He basically showed me the basics on the spot, gave me a cheap padlock and tension tool, and then on my next birthday, sent more padlocks. I have the best relatives.

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I would strongly recommend you start here:

Go to his playlists and find the one for beginners. You’ll be off in no time!


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