A fascinating 'Lockpicking Lawyer' with a cut-away lock

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The lock pick kit I have, I think featured here, came with a see through pad lock. Fun stuff. I am slowly getting better at it. I think I could use an actual wave rake though. The one I use to do bumps is more of a toothed design.


I’ve got a couple of these, one has regular pins and one has security pins. I also have a complete set these without the cutaway that get progressively harder. I can pick most cheap locks and a few Master locks but I’ll never be able to get to Mister Lockpicking Lawyer status.

I also have a pinning/rekeying kit so I can change them up if they get too easy.

It is a fun hobby to pass the time.

Mine are from Sparrow their stuff is a little pricey but they are cool looking and well made.



I used to teach students with Weiser cylinders. The plugs are shaved flat so they don’t have to use precise equipment to drill the pin cells. The resulting gap is about .015" between the top of the plug and the shell and the pin length increments are .018, so they’re easy for a beginner to pick or even open accidentally with the wrong key.

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Way back I worked in telecom in the department that designed pay phones. My boss took a course on lock picking so he could test the locks on the phones. Showed us how to grind a wave tool from a Starette 6" ruler. Never tried it, though.

Waste of a good ruler. Use the metal strip from a used windshield washer blade.

I learned to pick for a particular task. Fortunately, the task involved Master Locks, which means it didn’t take much learning. Unfortunately, it means my skills are pretty minimal, basically sufficient for Master Locks and nothing else.

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