Recreational lock picking workshop at Weekend of Wonder!

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So cool. Always wanted to do one of these lock picking groups.

Had a home security system go haywire on me once, and the buffoon company who installed it locked the panel and kept the keys themselves. Jerks! So when it went haywire I had to make some probes and a prong out of a coat hanger and wrangle with it for an hour. I did get it open, tho!


Wish I could go. (And, hey, Mark: this is much more like the kind of thing I’d buy from BoingBoing than a snake oil charging cord.)

Those kits need the “When all else fails” supplement

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“So we’re going to meet up by this bike rack near the local college where I’ve already locked up a bunch of my ‘test bikes’ with ‘test locks’ for you to practice on.”

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