Recreational lock picking workshop at Weekend of Wonder!


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So cool. Always wanted to do one of these lock picking groups.

Had a home security system go haywire on me once, and the buffoon company who installed it locked the panel and kept the keys themselves. Jerks! So when it went haywire I had to make some probes and a prong out of a coat hanger and wrangle with it for an hour. I did get it open, tho!


Wish I could go. (And, hey, Mark: this is much more like the kind of thing I’d buy from BoingBoing than a snake oil charging cord.)


Those kits need the “When all else fails” supplement




“So we’re going to meet up by this bike rack near the local college where I’ve already locked up a bunch of my ‘test bikes’ with ‘test locks’ for you to practice on.”


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