Beware of fraudulent QR stickers on parking meters

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I’m not against modern parking meters, but holy hell… these old ones, you put in your quarter, turn the knob and you’re golden. These new ones need apps, QR codes, have to walk to the next block to find a working one… Not everyone has a smartphone or credit card…

If not for overly complex and ever-changing parking rules, we could go back to this simpler time.


I remember when they took pennies, that was in the old century.


Parking for the University of Austin?

I never have money, and much less change on me. Austin also did have some of these old meters in some streets and they were almost always broken. The better way to pay is to download the city’s app and do the payment there instead of through the physical meter


I do recall those as being nice in that they were nearly universal, worked the same everywhere, and were rarely busted.

On the other hand if you didn’t have change, you were hosed. $1 bill? No parking for you! These days I frequently don’t have any cash on me for many trips out. So I need to admit that dealing with new-fangled “do I have an app for that?” meters may be sub-par, but it does beat “crap! no cash!” (or “crap, no coins!”)

Oh geez, does anything take pennies anymore?


try parking anywhere in Key West without the app!
that is, if you want to park downtown.
very few parking lots and a gazillion touristas make doing business in the county seat difficult, at best. best to take shuttles.
wait, you didn’t drive down, did you? hope your hotel has a shuttle downtown!


I do, but only in $1.00 rolls, no loose change please.


Was the meter on a hitching post for your horse? Just how old a boy are ya?

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I can’t count that high.


The Czech Republic had a sort of similar issue in the recent past.
Only this involved a physical location with a service person preying on unfamiliarity with the system or broken digital kiosks.

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Stay at the La-te-da & rent a scooter!

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I’m not saying to buy a black canvas bag with broken meter printed on it.


“Anyone who sees someone tampering with a pay station and is not a badged City of Austin employee should call 9-1-1.”

And if one is a badged employee of the city of Austin and sees someone tampering with a pay station what should one do?

Meh. I’m one of the rare Germans who hardly carries bills, much less change. I usually don’t even carry id or my drivers license.

When you need to park a car, you have a moving, lockable box. No real problem to put some change in there.

Surely that’s less effort than make someone buy and carry a smartphone.

Obligatory Gaston.

There are many QR codes to be wary of.

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