Man blows his top because toll booth won't accept his quarter


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I would be pissed too.


On a positive note, the guy behind him didn’t continuously lay on his horn and make things worse.

BTW, I think it’s Sam Hill.


Seems like a problem that could be solved by taxing the rich.


Just leave the quarter and move the arm yourself. I am obliged only to pay the toll, how the state chooses to process the payment (or not) is their problem. Just be happy that I didn’t bring my slingshot.


Ask not whom the toll repels, it repels thee.

You rap sheet must be riveting, as in I’m fairly sure it mentions a de-rivet tool :wink:


Why don’t they have a basket system where you pitch the coins in?


I like that the sign says they’ll take half dollars. These Kennedys have been eating a hole in my pocket!


Poor guy never figured out his grandkids gave him a sap quarter…


Giggling kid ruined it for me. Takes me back to my own lack of empathy at that stage.


Now if you’d switch to $1 and $2 coins…

Or revive your $1 coin.

For the $2 coin, due to Americans’ resistance to even a valid $2 bill, how about the Donald Trump $2 memorial coin in recognition of his years of service? “As phony as a Trump Twoony” could slide right into the language.


Problem with the Susan B Anthony’s was that they’re almost the exact same dimensions as a quarter. You really have to idiot proof anything for us.

Now the Sacajawea dollars… I have no idea why those didn’t take off. Slightly larger than a quarter, golden in color…


I love those. And the presidential dollar coins, and the half dollars. I know why they didn’t take off though. Simply because ATMs and cash register drawers aren’t designed for them. :disappointed:

They have slots for 1s, 5s, 10s, 20s, etc., and for pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters. Then there’s a catchall underneath for things like checks, food stamps, coupons, $2 bills, and 50¢ or $1 coins. People first get their cash from an ATM (which only hands out $20s) or from a cash drawer (the employee will just pull from the standard slots). When they spend it, they get change, pulled from the standard slots. The stuff in the catchall doesn’t get circulated unless the cashier happens to run out of $1s, is in a hurry, and knows that they have something in there that’d be quicker to pull out than to exchange $20s for a new pack of $1s from the office.

It’s sad. They’re really nice and convenient, but the only way to get them into significant circulation would be to require changing all cash registers nationwide. That would probably be substantially harder even than getting real chip + PIN card processing working in the U.S. (Much easier technologically of course, but that is never the barrier to these things.)


Or use transponder tags like pretty much everybody.


OTOH, because etymologists consider Sam Hill to be a bowdlerization, frauenfelder could be seen as using the more offensive, pre-1830’s version -




We were all bastards back then, weren’t we?


OR by retiring the penny!!


Any relation to Sam Hall?


Good chance the grandpa’s quarter was silver.

If you ever run into the situation where a vending machine rejects your quarter, check the coin’s date. The 90% silver ones from 1964 and previously have a different weight and electromagnetic signature than modern clad coins, and are routinely rejected by many types of vending machines.