Beware of this fidget spinner at Target -- it has 300 times the allowable amount of lead

You shouldn’t use lead in your fidget spinners anyway: it’s much less dense than depleted uranium so it doesn’t spin as long.


Everyone give Mr. Henderson a big hand for agreeing to demonstrate “Lawful Evil” for the class…


Given the assorted excitingly horrible things people have deliberately used as lubricants and cutting fluids, the lead that was reasonably politely encapsulated in the workpiece was probably a footnote for most of machine shop history. I hope that the really good stuff(PCBs, organophosphates, lead soaps, etc.) has become less common.



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erm, why would you do that?

Nothing good ever comes of asking that question…

Split sinkers you can open and close with your teeth. I imagine the safe thing is to use pliers. But my dad fishes more than anyone I know and I am sure has done this hundreds of times in his life, and other than refusing to use clothes and wearing a boot for a hat, he’s perfectly normal.

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