Batman symbol fidget spinner cast from brass bullet casings

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I sort of hate the fidget spinner explosion that has happened. These things had a very useful and practical purpose especially for kids who needed the tactile sensation they helped provide. This boom has made it so kids who do not need them have gotten a hold and use them as toys, steal them from other kids, throw them at one another, and turn what was a psychological aide into a source of frustration and mayhem.

These things are banned from many schools now where they previously could do some good.


Went with hand drawn, Ended up with an UN-balanced paper weight.


Gracias, Andrea. I love all of your contributions to this site, but I’m especially grateful to be totally up to date on this insane trend because of you. Looking forward to more.

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“incredibly tight tolerances of the spinners themselves”

Watches video of holes being made with hole saw…

Uh, hmm. OK, so they apparently did get an interference fit from using liquid nitrogen, but that seems like dumb luck, because holding tolerances under .01" with a hole saw is ludicrous. That, or the liquid nitrogen is just for good TV, and they used glue.

The jury is well and truly still out on these things. They might provide some help to some people but the way they have been marketed is very much on the snake oil side of the spectrum.

Well. My spouse who is a school psychologist would disagree with that statement.

There’s no science to back up any claims of medical use. It was designed as a toy to keep kids from chucking rocks. Claims that it is “perfect for ADD, ADHD, anxiety, and autism” are specious at best and bordering on predatory.

Again. My spouse who is a school psychologist and uses fidget toys like this in sessions with her students would say otherwise.

But clearly you KNOW what you KNOW. Imagine what you will know tomorrow.

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