How to make your own fidget spinner without any tools

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Well, except for the nail clippers.


My 700 pound fidget spinner.


Mad MaxGuyver maybe?

Nice! My favorite fidget device is this handheld one I’ve had since I was a kid that’s got an awesome semi-rigid linear bearing. Must be rare because I haven’t seen too many of them out and about. Really helps me unwind after a busy day delivering pizza and whatnot. Let me see if I can grab hold of it, get a photo. BRB.


I’m kind of intrigued by the “bike chain” version.

Of course, that would still require going out and finding the appropriate bearing, not to mention the bike chain. I’ll just wait a couple of months until people can’t even give them away anymore.

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Penny Arcade


Meh. I’ll be impressed when you make one without any materials.


Dude, that makes my mind spin.

Hey! You did it!


May as well learn knitting. You get to fidget and create clothing at the same time.

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No tools required:


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My fidget spinner is nailing my hand to the table.

OK, not quite. But I have been known to compile lists of specific physical movements and calculate times to perform them to prevent fidgeting from occurring. Like timing my cuts, bites, chews, swallows, breaths, drinks, and wipes during a meal. But I don’t weigh my food, because I am an anarchist, and try to leave lots of spontaneous variables! Which do not involve fidgeting.

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