The Bathgate Artifact Spinner: a beautiful, hand-machined fidget toy

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$700? That’s one expensive fidget.


$700?! I tend to buy fidget toys in pairs, because the reason I use 'em is also the reason I lose 'em.

That’s. Just. Well, excellent craftsmanship, but even if I could afford, I’d be too terrified to use it for its intended purpose.

Really really REALLY nice Thing, though.


Chris’ stuff is exceptional- if you’re not on his mailing list, it’s a pretty cool thing. I can’t spring for any of his sculptures, but I do enjoy seeing items (and the process, which he almost always documents) that look like they’ve come from outer space.


Now if we can only get Boston Dynamic and Chris Bathgate together, we might actually see a “nightmare inducing robot” from an alternate dimension.
Chris’s stuff looks like it didn’t come from around here and BD’s stuff acts like it didn’t, so…


I’m subscribed to the newsletter this guy sends out for lulz and when i saw the price for it i wasn’t surprised. The fidget toy he released last year close to the holidays was about the same price. Clearly this guy must value his time and if he’s pricing these small items at that much he’s clearly got an audience, because he sells much larger ones for immensely more money. I say more power to him if he can make a killing but yeaaaah… $700 bucks for a spinner is really silly.


Print a fidget toy.


That is very cool and way beyond my pay grade. That said, I’m personally not a fan of silver and brass (or gold) tones together. I’d find it even more attractive if the brass parts were instead a deep, dark gray color from something like tungsten carbide.

Still sweet.


Take the savings and buy a desktop CNC mill :wink:

A CNC mill? Most of those are meant to be printed!

If he can sell them, as you say: power to him. I’m okay with separating people with too much money from some of it. This is not gouging on milk or medication. Better $700 from someone who won’t miss it than conning 140 people who can’t afford to waste $5 to spend it on some piece of mass produced crap they don’t actually need.

Agreed. $700 would be a silly amount for me personally to spend on a useless toy, but it’s a sensible amount to charge for a lot of skilled work if he can get it. He’s only going to find a few buyers for whom it is a reasonable amount to spend, but that’s fine, because he’s only making a few of the things.

This is my recommendation for a cheapskate spinning fidget toy:


Whatever happened to Eat The Rich?

Have you looked at Trump? Ew.


I feel like that comment has a place in pretty much any conversion?


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