The Slider: an alluring, machined-metal worry-stone


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White Caste?


Pretending aside, we both know it’s going up your butt.


They look like an army of robot grubs, don’t they?


I’d make it out of radium. Give you something to really worry about.


His stuff is pretty amazing and I wish I could afford one of his more elaborate sculptures. I’m using one of his digital “schematics” as my desktop background as an inspiration for a game design (that I have yet to get started on and knowing me never will)


/rushes off to write superhero origin story


Hey, I’m your co-creator! I get a cut of the deal!

edit: fixed you’re to your. Can’t believe I did that. It’s against my OCD.


“The Keisterer”?

Able to store anything in his colon of holding?


Dang, I need one of these! What’s the cheapo variant? Bic pens, fold-out car keys, lip balm containers etc doesn’t cut it for me any more…


it’s the world’s first recursive worry stone. You can use it to worry about getting shot by police for carrying it. Especially if you are WWB.


This is part of my everyday carry -

and I’ve developed the absent-minded habit of taking it out and opening and closing it one-handed. I’ve been told that’s not a bright idea in some social circles, such as late-night drinking establishments.


Perfect for the next time you have a full blown Captain Queeg breakdown.


I had to google to make sure that wasn’t a dimly remembered Oglaf


I might be more interested if it more closely resembled a Trilobite.

But I think I’m fine just fidgeting with a clicky-pen.


Twitchers unite!


Could be mistaken for a bullet - don’t think it would be bright idea to fidget with in a US public setting, especially when black.

People got shot for less.


That’s inspiring.


Weirdly enough, not that far from reality:


Wow never heard about this guy before. Reads like some X-Files case.