A more advanced fidget gadget from Chris Bathgate

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/11/21/a-more-advanced-fidget-gadget.html

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Reminds me of Jon Bonner’s pocket weasels. Only slightly less weaponized against pockets.

I’m fidgeting right now.


Now the compulsive pen-clickers can drive even more people crazy.


I have to ask how much it costs, which means I may as well not ask how much it costs.


This will last about fifteen seconds when you hit TSA. “Must be some sort of Ninja weapon”.

Looks like a cross between a bullet and a cartoon hand grenade too if you squint a bit, just to ensure you have a good time at security.


I’d pinch my hand in it something awful, very quickly.


Out of curiosity i signed up for the newsletter, the artist was supposed to release the pricing for the item today along with some pre-order sign up lottery drawing thing. 15 to be picked this week and 15 people to be picked the following.

Anyway i figured i would give it a whirl… and then i saw the price. $773 dollars and change. Um…



But you can hardly put a price on fidgeting!!!


Yeah, what are you going to do, use a pen with a cap?

Plebeian fool!

Yes, if Cost of Fidgeting = Cost of Rent then i will pass :stuck_out_tongue: Clicky pens for me i guess.

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Maybe if it converted my fidgeting into stored energy that could charge my phone on the fly (and was $600 less).

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Well, advanced fidgeting maybe. I wouldn’t go over $7.00 for regular fidgeting.

That’s a lot of pocket objects.

Gollum: What has it got in its pocketses?

Dr and Mrs Joseph A. Chazan: Well, now. How long have you got?

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