Oh, look! A fidget tool


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Nothing beats the original fidget tool – the Space Fidget!


Suddenly, so many things make sense.


$2.40 on Amazon if you’re not picky about colours. $16.99 at most if you are.

Edit: I’ve been staring at these for a while, and there seem to be quite a few that people are unhappy with because they’re cheap knock-off from China that don’t spin as long. That isn’t a criterion I care about, so adjust your selections accordingly.

That said, there are still “fulfilled by Amazon” or “made in US” options that are a fair bit cheaper than this offer.


I loved those things growing up!


Me too, and while I have really mixed feelings about the Internet in general, one unabashedly useful thing about it is helping you to figure out “what was that thing I used to play with as a kid called?”

And song lyrics.


When I was growing up, the only music I was listening to was the couple Top 40 stations I could get on my Walkman. I didn’t know artists or titles to many of the songs, just some badly misheard lyrics. Now, with the Internet, I actually know artists and titles, and the correct lyrics, and actual good music that isn’t Top 40.


Whatever happened to skill? The democratization of fidgety object spinning will lead to no good.


That is weird. I haven’t thought about that in a million years but, oh, yeah, THOSE things.


So a “Fidget Tool” is a thing now?
Gotta stop twiddling my thumbs…


Nah, you can go with it…


Me. All the time.


They’re around a buck at my local 7-11. In fact an increasing number of the things that are advertised by the BB store are identical to the random dross that shows up at the Sev’s check out.


Why is there an entire industry of devices that do the same job as quickly touching your thumbtips to each fingertip and bouncing your knuckles off of each other? Hands are strange, unwieldy devices but they do have their own tension release mechanisms built-in.


There’s one born every minute


also wasn’t slightly less than 50% of the human population born with a built in fidget tool…


Yeah, but use it during one meeting… :rolling_eyes:


It’s considered rude to play with your balls in public.