A working six-foot fidget spinner costume


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/06/21/a-working-six-foot-fidget-spin.html


That thing cannot be good for his neck.



Rob has made unique and interesting content on the internet for a very long time - cockeyed.com is positively ancient in internet terms, but glad to see he is still doing interesting and relevant stuff.


It’s on a harness, his face is just hanging out behind it.


Hm. The term “fidget spinner” seems somewhat less appropriate here…

Maybe “full body workout spinner”?


Yeah. I noticed later.


Yep — the second I saw “giant fidget spinner costume,” I knew who this had to be.



…they would… just shake their heads in amazement.

Yes, amazement. I’m sure that’s what they felt. It wasn’t pity at all.


There goes my plan for a Sexy Fidget-Spinner costume for Hallowe’en.

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