Beyond Bad Lip Reading: the Auralnauts' astounding Star Wars remixes


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Brilliant! We’re watching this tomorrow!


It’s better with a Blade Runner soundtrack

Edit: A Jedi rave would be awesome and terrible.


I notice that many people associate Life Day with Christmas, but I had the dubious luck of watching the Holiday Special in 1978 and I recall it was shown just prior to Thanksgiving, so that’s what I always think of as its real-world analog.


Oh, an original viewer! Did you make it through the whole thing? I was too young in '78 to see it when it aired, but have watched it a few times since the mid-90’s, mostly to share the misery of the experience.


I was exactly the right age, and I loved it. It was Star Wars. On TV.


I was only sex years old, and not even much of a Star Wars fan. I liked the first movie well enough as a big spectacle. The special I was looking forward to, but I pretty much lost interest. If I made it through the whole thing it was probably in the background as I did something else. The only thing I remember liking were bits with Chewbacca’s family. I was already not a fan of the variety show format generally.

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