Beyond Good And Evil 2 Meets Another Roadblock

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I remember really enjoying their first trailer – I still go back and watch it sometimes, 'cause it does a great job with storytelling, characterization, setting, etc. It’s disappointing that nothing will ever come of it.


I have wondered what’s going on with this thing. Just with what little information we have, it could mean anything - sometimes games go dark for years on end, and it’s never clear if anything will come out until it does (or the studio closes). It’s not clear when they actually started development (or if they’ve been working on it all this time). That they’re apparently working on it now is a good sign… even if rumors are true that they paused development at least once. Publishers tend to not want to throw money at games they might not release. That Ubisoft have also kept alive that pirate game that’s had tons of problems is not a great sign, as it suggests they’re not like most publishers, though. That could either mean they’re willing to stick with games with thorny developments, or it could indicate they’re willing to spend a lot of money on a game before cancelling it…

I think the loss of Michel Ancel, who created the first game, back in 2020 was probably a much bigger blow than the loss of the current creative director. Seems like it was very much his baby.

That is yet to be seen, but hopefully something comes out. Even if it’s bad, it’s a rare AAA game that’s original, and not just a slight refinement of a previous game in a 10-game series. (I mean, yes, it’s technically a sequel, but doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the first game, besides some characters.)

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