Ubisoft cancels three unannounced games, makes plans for cost reduction

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In addition to their harassment issues (which they have never really had a cultural reckoning with) I feel like the problem with Ubisoft is that at some point they went from being a developer and publisher of a broad and diverse selection of games to making the same game with three slightly different skins (Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed, and Watchdogs). I am bored of going around a map, climbing uninteresting towers (I say uninteresting towers because Breath of the Wild made climbing the towers a puzzle and interesting), and collecting 200 each of 12 different collectable icons on a map.

I feel bad for the workers there. They aren’t the ones making these decisions and I am sure that many of them feel like they are just being put through a meat grinder constantly.


It’s such a shame because Ubisoft used to be a developer that made exciting and interesting games but then pivoted into EA’s corporate playbook and started focusing more on how hard they could beat a dead horse to get the most money out of their existing blockbusters and customers. Once that happened they became really toxic towards their employees and customers. I honestly can’t remember what was the last Ubisoft game i bought… that one cell shaded looking Prince of Persia from 2008 maybe? And i didnt even play it after i bought it.


The problem with Ubisoft is they fell into the MOTS bandwagon, and they keep making their game larger, and larger, and larger, but the game idea is basically recycled. Far Cry 3 and 4 were virtually identical except for story. Far Cry 5 and New Dawn are directly linked and on the SAME MAP (essentially) Primal at least tried something, but it’s really weird. Far Cry 6 was basically a different version of 3/4 but no real changes in the gameplay as they keep cribbing ideas from other open-world games like Just Cause or Mad Max. They failed to understand what actually made those worlds FUN.

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That game made fragile man-children freak out. They were so upset you couldn’t die and were rescued by a woman, “made it easy.” Doubt many had the achievement for not getting rescued so many times. They also apparently didn’t remember “wait, that’s not how it happened” from Sands of Time, it was just the equivalent of that with more animation.

IIRC, that had the same map as 4, it was just better hidden since it was before any of the buildings.

Blood Dragon was the real experiment in Far Cry. Loved that game.

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The 2008 PoP looked interesting, i think i would’ve enjoyed it but never got around to it because of life stuff. Personally i’d love to see more Prince of Persia games, not like sequels of the previous stuff but new interpretations on the setting. And it’s a shame that the publisher/developer is Ubisoft, hopefully someday someone else can have a go at it.

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Looks like Yves, the CEO, is not taking responsibility for the state of the company. No surprise there

I disliked all the Far Crys after the first one, each iteration making me crosser than the last. OG Far Cry was amazing; the sequels just have more and more grind, and more and more ‘complete these irritating side quests so you’re leveled up enough to do the next main story’ missions.

At least Borderlands’, for instance, side quests are generally entertaining. Far Cry’s are all ‘mooch about in the woods looking for [Xnum] of [$thing]’ until you get bored and go play something else.


Even in an FPS, good writing really makes a world of difference.

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I’ll just be happy when I can take BJ Blaskowitz for a spin again. It’s the simple pleasures that are the best, like shooting endless waves of Nazis with ever more ridiculous guns.


In the interests of helping Ubisoft tighten its belt when it comes to future spending I’m available to tell the human resources that success is their job for only €300,000/year. That’s half off; and my professional history is scandal free!

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