Beyond lockpicking: learn about the class-breaks for doors, locks, hinges and other physical security measures

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And sadly most crooks don’t even go as far as to blow smoke under the door to make it open. Rock through window works most of the time and is super fast. The noise is a tradeoff for spending 10 minutes trying to get a stuck pin out of the hinge or discovering that the motion sensor can’t see your smoke in the dark.


I caught this one awhile ago and it is still a lot of fun to watch.

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Once we were gearing up for our high school senior play, but no one with a key was there to let everyone in at the call time (Head of Drama department was unavoidably late). We had an administrator come by but didn’t have they key.

I’ll never forget the look they had on their face when a few of us from the booth crew pulled out our multitools and popped the hinge pins which had been installed facing the exterior of the building.


…Because of course if the room has an occupancy level of 50 people or above, the doors open outward.


I just listed Deviant Ollam in the Fed ex lock picking post.

Yes, I started with this very video where I went down a small rabbit hole of physical security. Thanks to this, I told my bosses that people can get in both doors with a pocket knife or small screwdriver or what ever because they doors aren’t hung well enough for that little lock mechanism that prevent such measure to engage.

One of my favorite life hacks is that he has an AR-15 lower that he flies with everywhere. This is just a hunk of aluminum, nothing else, but it is technically a firearm. So he throws it in his tool box or what ever he is flying with that he wants secure than then no one is supposed to open it (it’s a Federal offense to do so). The locks that are secured can’t be the TSA accessible kind. Granted sometimes they cut his locks, so you can’t stop people from breaking the law, but it is an interesting hack if you have stuff you want to keep secure.


This is why hinges on outswing locking doors should always be specified NRP, Non-Removable Pin.
But more than anything, Ollam’s lecture reminds me of the ground truth that anyone who learns lockpicking comes to: physical security is a predatory scam in which shoddy products are passed off onto naive consumers who have no idea how unfit for purpose they are.
This is an unfair blanket statement; I take pains to inform my clients of the vulnerabilities and advantages of their physical and operational security measures, as do many of my peers in the hardware consulting and security consulting businesses. That said, there are a lot of so called “experts” that have limited or no expertise behind their proclamations. BTW police are generally speaking, law enforcement specialists, not security experts.


There were several gun store break ins locally where a band discovered that the easiest way int THOSE fairly well secured stores was through the roof. Easier than sturdy doors, cinderblock walls or barred windows.

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Some of the non-destructive ingress methods are quite fast. True, smashing a window or cutting a padlock or chainlink fence is very expedient. Good for a quick smash and grab. But those attacks leave a more apparent physical trace; they may set off certain alarm systems or get spotted by the rent-a-cop who comes by every couple hours. A non-destructive entry can allow a much larger window of opportunity for the attacker. More time could mean more stuff stolen. Or allow the intrusion to go undetected for much longer which is particularly handy if you’re not after theft of physical property. Think blackhats conducting industrial espionage, etc. One of the parameters for penetration testing that Deviant Ollam often mentions is showing proof that his team accessed a server room. Not knowing that someone managed to steal your data and/or otherwise compromise your systems can make things much worse.


Whenever I see pro “locksmiths” entering locked cars, they just put airbags on the doors to get working space, and then use a stiff wire wire rubber on the end to move the inside lock.

Same for office doors: just a special wire under the door, maybe with a loop, to snag the interior lock.

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a neighbour got her balcony door jammed
and looked like a screw was loose and dropped out
after going to the trouble of finding an alan key size use
she decided not to do it gulp!
then she got her nurse to kick it… yeah

did I feel hurt nooooo!


I found that enlightening, and I was just berating standard house door design a couple of hours ago at length with family. I’m a design critic, because I design and make stuff too.

Main topic of thread- Deviant Ollam’s talk was hilarious and enlightening too. So many places I’ve seen poorly secured, because of a lot of stupid doors.

I’m watching all these videos now…purely for research and intellectual development, of course :slightly_smiling_face:


a lot of gear today is second rate and goes with the flow until
you do intelligence :slight_smile:

I did that earlier this year. I probably need to poke in more often. There is so much stuff out there with just the illusion of security. Actually, a lot of it would make good research for like a spy thriller.

I followed several videos now I think I watched three in a row. I learned a lot of useful things some of them were repeated some of them were unique in each one.

His talk on key duplicating is God level stuff. Some of it I was already familiar with, but he shows how to make digital key duplication from nearly any pic easy with just a graph paper card with slits cut in his wallet.

If you want modern spy thriller there you go. What’s crazy is this is actually doable right now by almost anyone. The most hilarious part is in one of his other lecturers he’s actually cooking a sous vide steak as he talks and then pulls out a fully cooked steak at the end of his talk and starts answering questions about how he cooks steak on the go around the world. Dudes hilarious!


Locks only serve to keep honest people honest. (this applies in 99% of situations)

If someone wants your stuff badly enough, they are going to get it.

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