Bic Cristal Xtra Bold is the best cheap pen

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enquiring minds need to know…


Is there a “For Her” version that’s marked up and pink?


I use nothing else. They write right to the end (no residual ink).
The unusual colours are not as good so stick to the black, blue and red (even the green is poor and the pink is worthless)

I’ve always liked Parker fine cartridges and a good Jotter or Sonnet. These are expensive.

I’ll have to try these Bics for good disposable pens.

What I always disliked about Cristals when I have ended up with them is that, besides the ink being sticky, a bubble would often form which stopped the ink flow. Hopefully they don’t do that anymore.

Dude, they can’t even spell crystal. You expect a quality product from people who can’t spell crystal?

So it’s YOU!


I’ve tried a lot of cheap pens, and while they smudge, and you often have to lick-start them, I’ve never found one I like more than the papermate stick. It’s my favorite drawing pen too, I find I can get a surprising amount of line weights from it, and will give you either a chunky or really crisp line depending on how you lay it down.

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The Bic was the essential bit of kit in the Walkman days for rewinding your tapes. Saved many hours of batteries for playback use that way.


$6.49 for a box of 24 comes to 27 cents a pen. Just sayin.

I just ordered a 10-pack in red; $1.27 including tax and shipping. I use red pens almost exclusively, as red ink makes people nervous.


Cheap Bics that don’t produce crappy lines?

Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!

HELL NAW. I will fight you on this Rob. Papermate Kilometrico are nicer, and their ball point gel ones are extra smooth when writing with, though i forget exactly what they’re named. Seems you can’t buy them in the US though but they are my jam, i’d like to be able to get my hands on a box of blue ones and of the nicer gel kind i’d love to get the dark green.


I’ve been using the Cristal regulars for a couple years now, they were the only (cheap) ones I’ve tried that produced a reliable and even line. Glad they’re catching on.

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I sure hope that most of these things get recycled when they’re spent. The trash:ink ratio is pretty poor, although not as bad as with disposable lighters.

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They are French. They surrendered spelling decades ago.


I’m old enough to remember when one did not throw out a pen when it ran out of ink, or a lighter when it ran out of fuel, or a razor when the blade got dull.

Bic were one of the pioneers in changing that culture.

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