Bicycle's Tragic Royalty playing cards

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Is there such a thing anymore as a Bicycle deck that isn’t worth writing about? Or is that like asking about decorations at the Haunted Mansion?

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I have a few decks here I hated, I don’t think that makes for a good review.

I for one am increasingly curious as to what features might actually be detrimental to a deck, given the diversity of what has been presented thus far.

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The Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards deck by the US PLAYING CARD COMPANY (Bicycle) sucks.

The art is bad on the backs and the faces are just impossibly ugly, bad prints that are hard to read. The finish is also cheap and shitty. I felt ripped off for $9.

These Tragic Royalty cards, I enjoy however and recommend.

I love to read negative reviews of things - it helps me understand what other products do RIGHT or why it’s worth spending an additional $X on a better product.

I’m still trying to find a paper deck that doesn’t delaminate, fold, or otherwise mark the cards at the hands of a 10-yr-old.

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Any bog standard bicycle deck then, possibly bridge sized for the smaller hands.
You could try some of the pure plastic cards like KEMs but they are really slippery compared to regular playing cards though I have some that are well over 10 years old and are still awesome.

When my CTS is bad, or when I wanted to learn some interesting flourish that my small and worn out hands can’t master with a set of Poker sized cards, I frequently use a Bridge deck.

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