Sliced playing cards




Probably designed by some card sharp.


You and your gaffed decks.


You’re feeding my card collecting addiction as well. Thanks, I think.


Trust everybody, but cut the cards.


Nice, but instead of $8, they’re £20 in the uk :frowning:


Plus four quid postage on top of that.

One feels one ought to be able to play for them.


This is why I don’t expect they’d be any good for magic. They don’t exactly lend themselves to, “behold, a perfectly ordinary deck of cards.”


It might lead to “Well, I wasn’t able to find all of your card, but here’s the half I did find!”

Personally, I would love to play rummy with a deck like this.


If you want to see a really unique deck of cards check out The Decktet.

It’s not a standard deck, but it is fantastic.


A classic mistake for a rookie magician is to say “this is an ordinary deck of cards.”


Well I’m less than a rookie, my lessons ended in third grade.


I’m excited to see how well they work with Canasta.


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