How to make your own sliced deck of cards


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You know you could cut the cards again in the other direction and get four decks which would still be useable…


Good job cutting the deck, Mark.


Cut it thin, sure to win.

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Hmmm… neat, but fails and card reversibility… I guess I’d rather be boring and have the store-bought one (unless you can work out a good way to remove the middle half of the card and glue the outer quarters back together).

Now what? Double fisted poker?

I’m going to try it!


I was interested until I saw the corner cutter device costs more than a two pack of the commercial deck. :smile: I guess if I had more applications for the corner cutter it might make sense…

Aren’t there just two number-suit combinations on most decks? A Half card can still be named; a quarter card most likely can’t.

I’m thinking they’d be a bit of a pain to actually play with; With the number only in one corner you’d have to make sure you put the card in your fan the right way round.

These cards are strictly an impractical novelty for oddball deck aficionados. Intelligent people can’t appreciate their appeal.


For those lacking a guillotine paper cutter (or if you just want a perfect cut), head over to your local print shop and ask them to use their massive, so-sharp-you-can’t-believe-it hydraulic cutter on your deck. A whole deck perfectly halved in one cut for $3-$5. (Most shops also have speedy foot-operated corner-cutters, but the labor cost for 208 cuts makes this more of an audiophile option; -)

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:blink: :blink:

Ah, but with the corner-cutter you can make a FOUR PACK out of one regular pack. Think of the money you’d save.

If you go through one deck of cards every 30 years (like I do), with the cutter you’ll now have 120 years without having to buy another deck!!

And, there’s the gift application. Tiny decks of cards for Christmas, Hannukhah, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, Arbor Day (think of the trees you’re saving) - the possibilities are endless!


Passport Photo Cutter. $35 but SO PRECISE.

(in case of teeny tiny version above)
Passport Photo Cutter, again. $0 asking nicely to borrow from local photo printing place. Assuming those still exist around you.

You’re welcome.

What’s this photo printing of which you speak? LOL. Thx for the responses, guys. Guess I have no excuse.

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And think of the time you’ll save cutting all those corners!

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Poker double-fisted? Please sir, this is a public forum! :stuck_out_tongue:

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