Bid on the spy-rock that Lockheed and the DoD stiffed a subcontractor on


Starting bid:US $3,000,000.00 [ 0 bid ]
Price:US $10,000,000.00

Be quick and you might pick it up for a bargain basement price of $3m

Gotta feel bad for the guy, especially when you could now produce a thing that does everything the rock does for about $1000.

Gotta feel bad for the guy, especially when you could now produce a thing that does
everything the rock does for about $1000.

Agreed, but part of me thinks he’s just posting this as a “screw you” to his former employers. But if that’s the case hopefully he’ll post it somewhere more permanent than an ebay auction.

And sigh, only one comment on this super interesting story. I miss the days of having a functional threaded commenting system when we’d get a lively discussion on things like this.

Well, now, it may not be entirely fair to blame the flatness. Could be that even in the old Disqus days, we’re the only ones who’d want to talk about surveillance rocks.

Wait. Maybe I should have Replied as a new Topic.


The listing was ended because ‘the seller made an error in the listing’. Seems legit.

Me too. Plus Antinous, you know he resigned as BB’s mod :frowning:

Or maybe, he banned himself for having an opinion he didnt like.


I did not know. Huh.

Don’t know if that’s an innocent joke or a jab at him but the dude never banned anyone for just having an opinion… I should know, I’ve been disemvoweled and had my comments deleted THAT many times by him but despite this he or anyone else here has never even threatened to ban me.

His signature move if you had a stupid opinion, which I would recommend to future generations charged with controlling a mob of opinionated dbags, was to ridicule your ideas and make you seem petty and stupid. That’s how a true moderator should do things and, though I sincerely doubt he’d want to read even one more of our insights, I hope he knows that his moderating was more than that and the BB community is richer for having had his contributions.

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Was a joke and a jab. I respect all the hard work he did, its hard work being a mod of a large community. I co-mod one on reddit of about 6,000 users but I dont belittle people, its not my style as a mod. Even I respect antinious’ efforts, I didnt agree then or now with the disemvoweling or banning. I was not the only one who got banned back then.

I agree completely. Super sorry to hear he resigned. Hopefully he’ll still participate in the discussions here.

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