Angry voice mail from Boing Boing reader


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Forgot about that one. Listening to it totally fixed my mood for the morning. Thanks Mark!


Well? Were you guys ever busted for sedition?

(I guess this was during the Bush years, when that seemed like a possibility.)


There’s a number I can call to express my disappointment in BoingBoing? How did I not know this before? Thanks, [Name redacted] from [Location redacted]!


He’s right. You would post it.

Wouldn’t you.


Actually, they’ve already published it.

Why do they love terrorism?



Turns out my scanner doesn’t mind me scanning euros…




I think I’m seeing a potential problem with recycling 10-year old posts…


Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Regular’s Lounge?


Your scanner probably just emailed your government with a pic of the scan :astonished:

It’s also not surprising that Mark was able to scan a dollar back in 2006 - a decade later dollar bills still haven’t been updated to have the secret formula constellation of circles that triggers various computer programs and devices to stop working.


There’s nothing like combating subversive commie fucks by supporting censorship and HUAC witch hunts.

Christ what an asshole.


I thought you guys just deleted comments with contrary opinions.





He was upset that I linked to a how-to piece written by Deke McClelland about scanning currency in Photoshop.

Well, at least you didn’t link to it now! (a friendly reminder to make sure old links still work)


Hey he’s a commie! Quick everyone, get him!!


There’s a number I can crank call?!

You’ve been holding out on me!


It’s the old, voicemail version of the “People who are disappointed with Boing Boing” list…


Something about birds and feathers and shit.