Corrections, typos, grammar flubs and errors

A useful, easily-monitored thread for telling us about typos, grammar flubs, factual errors and other mistakes. These are always helpful, but are easily-missed (and occasionally derailing) in threads created by specific posts.

(This used to be called Corecktions but @sam had to ruin all the fun and rename it so search could find this.)


…at John Hopkins University that dealt with…

John Hopkins? I hear that’s a good school, but Harvar and Yal are better.


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@beschizza I think you mean “Correrctions”.
-Sneak Peak Bot

echo $title | sed s/r/rr/

I assumed he was troling.

to topic: in the headline Cory just posted, it’s not “wrong,” I don’t think, but it would be much clearer if the “swat” in “swatting” was in caps i.e. “SWATting,” denoting the law enforcement acronym. it now reads like “swatting” is some sort of in-game tactic, like “slapping” or something.

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You are absolutely corect in your deduction. Swatting has been used as an in-game tactic. Just like regular “Swatting”, it involves a 911 call, insinuations of a terror threat, and a SWAT team. Many people recognize swatting from the recent increase in swatting incidents around the country.

okay then.

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@noahdjango I think you mean “Swating”.

*thread instantly dissolves into commenters correcting one another


let’s put this one to bed.

“She was swatting flies.”

“The boy SWATing his online rival was a hoax.”

that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

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Would it help if we @ mentioned you, or the original author, or both?

Both is good, but @me or @falcor for sure

@beschizza The article says that the $330 config is the fully loaded version, presumably that includes the SSD, no?

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@noahdjango I think you mean “sticking”.

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the Mutter article seems to repeat like it was pasted twice: Dr. Mütter's Marvels: intrigue and innovation at the dawn of modern medicine


Ridiculously massive TiVo - Boing Boing
Should be
24TB recording capacity rather than 2TB

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The article above is unattributed - was it posted by Maggie, etc? I can’t see who authored it


Odd! Probably a mistake. I’ll find out who posted it, and fix it.