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speaking of Maggie, is she on maternity leave or what’s up? when’s she coming back? BBs not the same without the full team.

AFAIK, Maggie left BB. She’s now a Nieman-Berkman Fellow at Harvard University.

She’s writing an email newsletter once a week…

For nine months, Maggie will go to classes at Harvard and MIT, attend lectures, visit museums and archives, and meet fascinating people. Each week, she’ll bring you three really awesome things from that experience. It might be a photograph and information about a museum object; a video of a laboratory tour; a short interview with a ground-breaking scholar; or a fact that will give you something new to think about. Whatever Maggie turns up each week, if you’re in the Fellowship, you’ll see it. If you aren’t, you’ll miss out. Maggie won’t be writing or posting anywhere else those nine months.

Edit: should add: I think Maggie’s leaving is a real bummer, because what she wrote was probably my favourite stuff here. Much like Brandon’s was until he left, too (anyone know how he’s doing?).


I had to edit this post so search has a fighting chance at finding it.


Thank you.

I think it ought to be stickied, but proper spelling is a good start.

She’s still on the About page -

Maggie Koerth-Baker is the science editor at From August 2014-May 2015, she will be a Nieman-Berkman Fellow at Harvard University. You can follow Maggie’s adventures in the Ivory Tower by subscribing to The Fellowship of Three Things newsletter.

I read that as she’s on sabbatical. The newsletter is good stuff!

Something accidentally the title.

@xeni just blank-posted

the Five Tribes post by the guest author has almost the whole text repeated twice.

also, I have to use the term “guest author” because there are NEVER ANY FUCKING BYLINES when viewing from the BBS.


Post title redacted?

Blank BBS posts happen a lot, sometimes our system posthumously adds the title back and sometimes we have to just go write it by hand.


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hey man, that one didn’t bother me, I was just reporting it. the byline thing, on the other hand, drives me to distraction.


The article is double-posted and repeats after the ads.

ps- props on publishing Matt Binder. He definitely makes the twitter more fun and sane for me.

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Steadicam, no?

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Per @crenquis, presumably should be sfnal. Or SFnal, but then Cory has that weird policy on capital letters…(although I thought that was only for commercial products and companies)

it might stand for Science-fiction News Fails A Lot

Would it be possible to have a way to flag typos etc when commenting, perhaps something that points you to this thread with a link attached, so we don’t end up with a thread like this one with interesting comments mixed up with loads of typo reports?

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mark blank-posted the recent entry about the ukelele

Need both?

Al Qaeda expert credited with designing deception of CIA torture program - Boing Boing

the BBS entry doesn’t have a title…

- boing - Boing Boing BBS

Ya know, you have the power to fix that.