Cockatoo solves puzzle box, no BBS discussion



Someone ask Mark to turn his comments on?

Yup, it’s happening here too.


“We have such sights to show you. (SQUAWK!)”


“Go on… but trick us again parrot, and your suffering will be legendary even in Hell.”

Okay, that, basically, was why I was so desperate to have a BBS link for that article.


Hmm anything we can check on our end @eviltrout?


I guess I should ask, is this publisher @frauenfelder error, publishing platform error (WordPress?) or Discourse?


Well Mark is definitely in the BB editors group here on BBS, which is one of the things to look at.


Which Mark, @markfrauenfelder or @frauenfelder?


Good question, it’d be whichever one matches up with the WordPress user that was used to post the blog entry!


Damn…how do I figure that out?


This, too.


So, it is a Mark thing.


Another Mark thing:


Amazed that nobody has asked.



Current thinking is that @frauenfelder (Mark Prime) has been involved in a Maker-based home-cloning incident and has been supplemented by @markfrauenfelder (Mark 2.0). As they both seem to be posting, there’s probably not too much risk, but if science has taught me anything, it’s that the later versions will inevitably turn bad and assassinate the Prime.

We should keep an eye out for any odd (well, odder than usual) behaviour as the greater the number of clones, the higher the risk of evil. If we can keep it contained, it might not be an issue but perhaps arranging a safeword with Mark Prime would be wise.


This particular Store post is not a Mark thing, though.

Someone ask Mark to turn his comments on?

I looked through the server logs and every post made by frauenfelder that was submitted to Discourse was made (although some of the topics were later deleted).

The missing posts don’t seem to have been sent from Wordpress over to Discourse, which is what we’ve seen before when topics aren’t created. There is something on the Wordpress side that is not sending them across.


@orenwolf can you take a look here? These posts just aren’t hitting us at all.

Every day some of Mark’s posts are coming across, but not others. Is there any pattern to these on Mark’s end?



Mark is disabling comments on those posts.


How disappointing.